About Us

HEdSpace is a consultancy with a difference. With over 45 years of collective experience in the Higher Education sector, our team’s developed a broad, rich and first-hand understanding of the way universities operate, from academic departments through to professional and support services and commercial operations. We’re from the sector, for the sector, and we’re experts in working with our clients to deliver sustainable, realistic and transformational change.  

HEdSpace is all about:

1. Clear thinking – We bring fresh perspectives and alternative approaches. We combine insight and experience with creativity, imagination and courage. By helping you to create and hold the space for deep thinking, we enable you to purposefully develop a thriving institution.

2. Collaboration – We partner with fearless leaders and their teams. We know change is a team effort and we work with your people to come up with practical solutions. 

3. Intelligent design – We tailor our approach so that it works, now, for your institution, taking it from where it is today to where it wants to be tomorrow. We don’t judge and we don’t parachute in to try and apply a one-size-fits-all model; we appreciate, empathise and absorb your world. Our work is bespoke to you, informed by up-to-date management thinking and our experience of what works, when and where.

4.  Insight – Our candour and openness help you to quickly get to the root causes underlying the issues you want to tackle, and the changes needed to create the institution you want. We listen for anecdote and noise and test our intuitive insights against evidence and objective measures.

5. Integrity – We approach our work ethically and conscientiously and take our community, social and environmental responsibilities seriously. We are passionate about the transformative role of Higher Education and are not afraid to challenge ideas and practices which threaten that.

6. Value – We deliver real and sustainable change. We set ourselves the challenge of creating new and additional value for your stakeholders, making use of the resources you already have. We control our costs tightly and keep our overheads to a minimum, so that the change we deliver is affordable.

Find out more about our team and our services, or just get in touch with us at info@hedspaceconsulting.co.uk.